Rig Records
The well file that works for you

Unstructured data, but easy. You can feel confident
you'll find what you search for.

Simple for users

Easy to use for everyone

We re-invented the well file to save you from navigating through cryptic file names, multiple network drives and siloed information.

Simple for I.T.

Built to be simple, secure and scalable

Frictionless onboarding for users. Internal deployment or SaaS hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Powered with the Oil & Gas Industry’s most advanced automation engine.

Rig Records is a digital well file built on everything we’ve learned in over two decades of industry involvement.

Low cost & high speed through better automation technology.
Documents are gathered from everywhere; WellView, Exchange/Office 365, network drives, OpenText, SharePoint, scanned documents and non-op partners.
Rig Records is a complete Master Data Management System encompassing; drilling, completions, geology & geoscience, regulatory, testing, facility, construction, pipelines and more.
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